Which is Better – Tea or A Beer! Enjoy Holidays in Ireland

Beer or Tea

On the wall of a three-story Georgian mansion with a brilliant cast hammer on the door ivy twig is creeping. Windows are located on Stephen's Green – square by its irregular and bird discordant more like a forest. The interior is struggling to emphasize the oldness of Hotel Stautons on the Green, but it goes much better with boards creaking incredibly musically under the rugs of local … [Read more...]

Holidays in Ireland, Hotel Bloom Set in the heart of Dublin’s Temple Street area


Reminders of the literary heritage of the city are everywhere, but unobtrusive. James Joyce looks at visitors from the walls of pubs, from under his glasses, protruding from a copper plate - such reliefs in Dublin are marked the best pubs. Design of hotel "Bloom" contains little reference to the "Ulysses", such as that cannot be noticed: excerpts and quotations from the novel covered walls of … [Read more...]

Dublin – the city of Friendly, Rustic People, Cocktail Bars in Dublin, World’s Best Bars

DUB Dublin - The Temple Bar Pub

If to recover from a hangover  as heavy as that of "Ulysses" with all the notes and comments in time, and look to Dublin in detail, it becomes clear that the Temple Bar serves here as a tourist reservation, alcohol Disneyland. Its central pub Auld Dubliner («Old Dubliner") is asking for renaming for ‘Young Foreigner’: here’s contingent is almost entirely composed of foreigners who are convinced … [Read more...]