Discover the amazing beauty of the Greek Island of Crete


Crete located at the southern side of Greece is its largest island, being a land of unparalled beauty which attracts globetrotters from every corner of the world. The beauty of Crete is captured not just in its iridescent landscape, it can be appreciated through its glorious history, distinctive culture, healthy Mediterranean cuisine, heartwarming customs and traditions and its hospitable, … [Read more...]

Discover 5+1 HIDDEN, Untapped Destinations in Europe that you Must Visit!

Untapped Destinations in Europe

Europe is such a wonderful continent to explore. However, many of the pretty destinations here have been discovered and swarmed by tourists. If you want to go an untapped European destination, the top six places you must visit are: 1. Hallstatt, Austria Photo: A village in the Salzkammergut region, this enchanting and historic location lies on … [Read more...]

Cities in Greece – Explore Them

cities in greece

Greece ranks amongst the most visited European destinations because of its sundrenched beaches, delectable cuisine, whitewashed villages, and, its abundance of ancient ruins and picturesque landscapes. Check out the following must - visit cities in Greece   Athens Photo: Greece’s capital is renowned for its historical ruins and monuments, especially … [Read more...]