Cities in Greece – Explore Them

cities in greece

Greece ranks amongst the most visited European destinations because of its sundrenched beaches, delectable cuisine, whitewashed villages, and, its abundance of ancient ruins and picturesque landscapes. Check out the following must - visit cities in Greece   Athens Photo: Greece’s capital is renowned for its historical ruins and monuments, especially … [Read more...]

Discover Athens Through Your Senses


You may already know that the most important site of Greece, the Parthenon, is located in its capital, Athens.  You might not know though that Athens city center is one of the best places to tantalize your taste buds and learn all about the Mediterranean diet Situated at the crossroads connecting the East with the West, Greece has been influenced by both worlds and over the centuries has … [Read more...]

10 Of The Best Beaches In Greece

best beaches in Greece

Greece is a country that brims with natural beauty comprising lovely beaches that are thronged by tourists all around the year and some beaches, which are still undiscovered and not commercialised. You can be lucky to land yourself in one such beach on your trip to the Greek Islands. Let us explore 10 of the best beaches in Greece here: Myrtos is one of the very exotic beaches in the Greek … [Read more...]

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