10 Tips for Renting Holiday Apartments in Tel Aviv

Holiday Apartments in Tel Aviv

Renting a holiday apartment in Tel Aviv is a wonderful idea for a vacation that you will remember for a very long time. Tel Aviv holiday apartments are rented every year by people from all over the world that wants to get away to celebrate and have some fun. If you are looking for holiday apartments in Tel Aviv is the perfect city to look at.   Here are 10 Tips for Renting Holiday … [Read more...]

Exploring the ancient city of Safed

city of Safed

Travelers heading to Northern Israel may wish to spend a few hours or more exploring the ancient city of Safed, one of Judaism's Four Holy Cities. Safed is famous as the City of Kabbalah and offers visitors the opportunity to enter ancient synagogues, view excavations, learn about Jewish customs and traditions that originated in Safed and enjoy the modern Safed art scene. Safed is located … [Read more...]

Guidence for summer holiday trip, make your dream trip of this summer

Summer holidays with Gloholiday

Are you planning and looking for a summer holiday trip –want to go out a week somewhere exotic, interesting or just plain sunny! Here at gloholiday.com we like to help you to plan your dream trip of this summer, whether that’s a budget break for the whole family or a couples’ retreat exploring a romantic city! For some Folks, your summer holidays can not be enjoyable without a pool, a sandy … [Read more...]