Africa’s 10 Best National Parks

Drakensberg and Tugela River at Sunset, Royal Natal National Park, South Africa

Africa is home to some of the best National Parks of the world, bringing to its visitors rich and diverse wildlife.  World popular safari destination promises pure excitement and adventure to its tourists. There are many captivating national parks; however, following is the list of Africa’s top 10 best national parks:   Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya If you want to see and … [Read more...]

Guidence for summer holiday trip, make your dream trip of this summer

Summer holidays with Gloholiday

Are you planning and looking for a summer holiday trip –want to go out a week somewhere exotic, interesting or just plain sunny! Here at we like to help you to plan your dream trip of this summer, whether that’s a budget break for the whole family or a couples’ retreat exploring a romantic city! For some Folks, your summer holidays can not be enjoyable without a pool, a sandy … [Read more...]

Du Louvre Hotel, 101 Antananarivo – Madagascar

Madagascar hotels

Address: 4, place Philibert Tsiranana - 101 Antananarivo - Madagascar Type: Hotel - Location: City Center, City Transportation: Proximity to the airport - Near (20 km) About the hotel: The hotel is in the island between Africa and Asia, the country is in the Indian Ocean. Beyond the control of any person or time the desert expanses of green-red hills, miles of beaches, where you will not meet a … [Read more...]