6 Of The Best European Skiing Destinations

European Skiing

Europe has plenty more to offer its visitors than just amazing food, fantastic architecture and scenery. It has some of he hottest destination for winter spots in the world. Make the most out of your fantastic European getaways and make it a point to get to the mountains and experience the snowy wonderland that awaits you.   Kitzbühel, … [Read more...]

3 Easy Weekend Getaways in Europe


Weekends are special days of a week, which we look forward to the moment week commences. They help to unwind, relax, and discover new things about us or new places, in short time. Europe allures us as a great destination for vacations both long and short.     1. Vienna is one of the most visited cities in Europe with a rich cultural legacy. This capital city of Austria is a combination … [Read more...]

5 Beautiful Cities Around the World


Beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder. It is easier to quantify beauty in people or things but terming a city as more beautiful compared to other is an exercise in itself. One’s experiences of the place and emotional attachments go a long way in colouring one’s judgement. Natural surroundings, pristine art and buildings, quality of life are few of the parameters. Following are 5 beautiful cities … [Read more...]