How to Save Money on an International Holiday Travel?

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Taking a break from your work and planning an international vacation with your family is fun, but holiday travel should not hamper your peace of mind when it comes to the overall cost of the entire deal. That doesn’t mean that you have to drop the idea of crossing the border, you just have to be smart to shed away that extra expense wherever possible. Here are some ways to save on your … [Read more...]

Attractions of USA – Las Vegas, the skyscrapers of Manhattan and Disney World

New York

If you've already seen a lot of European cities and are ready to go for fresh tourist impressions, even overseas, we strongly encourage you to visit America. Here you will have unforgettable and lots of discoveries: Monument Valley and Mount Rushmore, Las Vegas casinos and the skyscrapers of Manhattan, the Hollywood Hills and Disney World, and much, much more! Whatever the purpose of your … [Read more...]

“City of flowers” Bern is located in the heart of Switzerland

Bern Switzerland

Many travelers called Bern a "city of flowers" - almost in every window you can see the elegant pot of violets and geraniums. Bern is located in the heart of Switzerland, almost on the border of French- German parts of the country - the capital of the canton of the same name and the whole Confederacy. The population of the suburbs is 300 000. The city was founded in 1191. Originally the city was … [Read more...]