Grand Hotel Central, Barcelona, Spain

Grand Hotel Central spain

This pool is located on a beautiful European city - over the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona.  Grand  Hotel Central - a great starting point for excursions around the city. But the guests have complained that even though rooms are spacious and clean, the hotel itself produces some depression - it was too dark and gloomy: the walls are painted in dull gray shades, and minimal lighting inside. … [Read more...]

International Puppet Festival of Segovia, Spain

Festival of Segovia

The puppet is only grace and lightness, because her figure flees conscientiously "and obscures your reflection."  Emerging from the scissors, imagination and ingenuity of simple stories, tells the story of red chameleons could not hide among the grass and were easy prey for their enemies. the city has other options to visit as it goes; The Cave of the Monk: The Myth of the Templar and the hermit … [Read more...]