Exhibition-fair “World of India.” for 10 days at Republic of Khakassia, Russia

Exhibition-fair World of India

On Friday, 27.07.2012 for the first time in Abakan (Republic of Khakassia, Russia) there was opened an exhibition-fair "World of India." For the first time in Khakassia  40 entrepreneurs have come from this country.  The event is held under the project of the Abakan-Chernogorsk (Montenegrin) agglomeration and under the auspices of the Government of the Republic of Khakassia.    Within 10 … [Read more...]

Hotels near Orissa Tourism : Rath Yatra


The capital of Orissa, Bhubaneswar is not a tourist city. We could not find here a decent hotel for the rational money, which could be recommended, because the local hotels do not focus on European tourists, but to travel of the Indians and Pilgrims. Luxury rooms are different from the cheap ones by not purity, quality, service and interior, but by the presence of a TV or something else.  Hotels … [Read more...]

Yogini Ekadasi – Festival Guide : India

Yogini Ekadasi  Lord Shiva

Yogini Ekadasi  - it is a holiday that is celebrated every eleventh lunar day of lunar cycle by all those who know the traditions and culture of the ancient East the truth of which is  ‘Life is to rise through the ministry of the Supreme’. There are different philosophies of different interpretations of this truth: some of them justify the world in terms of the rule of Lord Shiva, the other - in … [Read more...]