5 Beautiful Cities Around the World


Beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder. It is easier to quantify beauty in people or things but terming a city as more beautiful compared to other is an exercise in itself. One’s experiences of the place and emotional attachments go a long way in colouring one’s judgement. Natural surroundings, pristine art and buildings, quality of life are few of the parameters. Following are 5 beautiful cities … [Read more...]

20 Sights That Will Remind You How Amazing Earth Is


Our earth, third rock from the sun is supposed to be the only planet with life on it. Earth has been further blessed with breathtaking creations both manmade as well natural. To list, following as the best incredible places is a humble attempt in ode of our beautiful earth   20) Antelope Canyon, Arizona USA Antelope Canyon is a breathtaking place that is most visited and photographed … [Read more...]

10 Crystal Clear Natural Waters to Swim This Summer


How irresistible it is to stay away from something which is cool and soothing in this blazing heat. Let’s take a closer look at the 10 crystal clear natural waters to swim around the world.   1) Little River Canyon, Alabama The Grand Canyon of the East was carved over a thousand years by The Little River. Being the deepest canyon of the east Mississippi River, this spectacular … [Read more...]

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