Best autumn destinations in Europe

Traveling simply rocks. What can be better than this possibility of adventure, which lures us again and again into escaping that everyday routine and launch into something new and exciting. For some reason summer is considered the only time to pack backs and hit the road. When autumn shows up, we tend to be grouchy, complaining non-stop that summer fun is over and it`s time to go to work, be serious, carry black umbrellas everywhere and incessantly drink hot tea, preparing for the worst to come. In our gloominess we forget to acknowledge the fact that autumn is probably the most beautiful season of year with trees creating their own shadow of gold and sky being perfectly blue. In fact autumn is the best travel time for those who want to explore Europe, because only in autumn can you truly experience European fairytale. Who knows, maybe this autumn you will encounter a real miracle on your road?

  1. Bavaria, Germany. Bavaria can conquer the hearts of everybody, who ever wanted to go back in time and see real castles. We all were fascinated by the idea of noble knights, beautiful medieval parks and picturesque valleys that seem like they just came out of a Disney cartoon. Bavaria has it all: Nuremberg castle, hiking in the Alps and wineries, where you can imagine yourself living in eighteenth century. Those who like more modern activities, can always pop by Octoberfest and drink the best beer in the world listening to rock bands.
  2. Wicklow, Ireland. For those who like history, Ireland can be the best place to go. Not only does it have little towns, which were built in 6th century, it also has people who like to talk about times gone by in a pub with a glass of ale or cider. Nevertheless, beware: even though Irish people are the most hospitable fellows in the world, they can easily drag you into melee and then you can leave this promise land with a wide smile on your face and a couple of bruises on your face.
  3. Prague, Czech Republic. There is nothing better than Prague when it comes to autumn. Little streets are enchanting, cathedrals – simply monumental and view from the rooftops – breathtaking. You can wander around this city for days and never get bored. Musicians play classical music in the evening and if you go a little bit further you can find any kind of band you like. Musical range of this city is huge: you can listen to jazz one moment and stumble upon rock group the next one. If you love culture, Prague can offer you a variety of theatres and operas, where you can listen to Wagner, watch Faust and even participate in modern play. Prague is also famous for its magnificent castle and parks, where you can lose yourself to nature.
  4. Loire Valley, France. Everybody loves France. Even if we don`t love France, we love the idea of France. Victor Gugo, wine, romance, Edith Piaf, croissants, fashion, ancient cities – the list can go on forever. You wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to see this beautiful country in autumn. Loire Valley probably has the best grapevines in the South of Europe and you can see its splendor in October, when colors become the brightest and chateaux the most enchanting. Everything is red, orange, yellow and red, you can even decide to become a painter just to try to seize this beauty on the paper. You can also become quite a good wine expert here. If you ever wanted to be a gourmand, this is your chance. By the way, Loire Valley has castles that go back to Renaissance. If you ever read an “Anjelique” by Anne and Serge Golon, you will finally feel that this is the place where all French passion, love and inexplicable power to mesmerize originated.
  5. Oslo, Norway. Oslo in November is mesmerizing. You want to fall in love with the city. Never else will you see such big number of beautiful statues in parks and never ever will you hear so many people citing poetry.
  6. Berlin, Germany. The foliage of autumn covers all Berlin and makes it magical. If you are ever in Berlin in autumn, you should definitely visit Zoologischer Garten. It is especially good place for children to learn all they need to know about trees and their nature. In October Berlin hosts Festival of Light, when landmarks of the city are illuminated and you can see Brandenburg Gates and Berlin parliament from very far away. Berlin also has great historical value and it’s also a good idea to take a look at its most famous museums. And if you like sausages, beer and ham – Berlin is waiting for you.
  7. Lisbon, Portugal. Even though Lisbon is the biggest city in Portugal, its streets are so little and charming, they will make you want to explore them in length in autumn. Also Lisbon has the best roasted chestnuts on the stick. Lisbon is especially good for tourists who are on a shoestring budget. Prices for hotels are moderate and there is a big number of hostels which do not charge much.

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