Top 5 Brisbane Attractions

There are plenty of fun activities in Brisbane to enjoy. Discover the city and all it has to offer, visiting the must-see Brisbane attractions and finding your own hidden gems. Here is our list of the top 5 attractions we recommend you to experience.

1. South Bank Parklands

In the middle of Brisbane, you might not expect to find lush greenery, but you will. The South Bank Parklands cover 17 hectares (42 acres) of land and features plenty of plants. It’s one of the best Brisbane activities if you like having a moment to reconnect with nature. Walk under archways covered in crawling plants and wander through areas full of tall, towering trees before walking back into the bustling city center.

2. Streets Beach

Right by the parklands is the man-made wonder that is Streets Beach. An entirely artificial beach nestled in the middle of the city is available to the public any day of the year. The sand is soft underfoot and the water is cool and welcoming, just like natural beaches. Get in quick if you want to find a good spot to sunbathe on the sand because it gets busy quickly.

3. Queen Street Mall

In the heart of the city and the city’s heart of shopping is the Queen Street Mall. The mall is where you’ll find the largest selection of fashion in Queensland, with a total of over 700 stores. The open-air main area of the mall allows the sunshine in so that you don’t sacrifice moments enjoying what the state of Queensland is known for while enjoying some retail therapy. Walk through the mall and do some shopping or just sit at one of the many cafes and enjoy a warm cup of coffee.

4. Brisbane River

The Brisbane River cuts the city of Brisbane in half, and you can sail along its waters. The CityHopper ferry is a free inner city ferry you can jump on to get around and view the city. Some cruises float along the Brisbane River for a more relaxed journey. Some of these cruises even include meals if you like to indulge in food on the river. There are even times when the river is open to paddleboarding along the water.

5. New Farm Park

One of Brisbane’s oldest and largest parks, New Farm Park is the popular spot for locals to take a picnic and relax. On your way into the park you’re welcomed by tall jacaranda trees, and further in you’ll find rose gardens to delight the senses. When you’ve seen all the other Brisbane activities available and you just need to have a quick rest, New Farm Park is perfect for just that.

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