Five Unique Ways to Celebrate the Holiday Season with Your Family

Although every family has its own traditions, how they celebrate the holidays is very similar. Most families gather at someone’s house who cooks them a meal. Some families make cookies, while others play games or watch movies. Watching the parade and a football game are common family traditions too.

But, what if you chose a different kind of tradition?

If you’re tired of doing the same thing with your family every year, consider celebrating Thanksgiving or Christmas with one of the unique ideas on this list.

Go See a Holiday Show

Our deepest, clearest memories are often of the things we do together with the ones we love. Make that thing more exciting than sitting on the couch during the holidays by getting tickets for the entire family to see a show instead.

Any kind of show will do, but it’s especially fun to choose a holiday show. For example, Myrtle Beach hosts many wonderful shows, one of which is a family-friendly ice skating show on a 60-foot stage.

Musical shows are especially popular during the holidays, but you can also find magic acts, comedians, and more, ensuring there’s a show everyone in your family will love.

Go out to Eat Instead of Cooking

The holidays are synonymous with a home-cooked meal. Many families enjoy cooking special family recipes. The feast often includes turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, and pie.

Although there’s no denying that these things are delicious, someone has to cook them, and making enough to feed multiple family members can be stressful. Instead of making a family member spend the week planning and cooking the holiday meal, get everyone to eat out on Thanksgiving instead.

When everyone goes out to eat, there’s no need for anyone to stress about what they’re going to cook. There’s no need to deep clean the house, and there’s no pressure to be a good host. Instead, everyone can eat a fantastic meal and enjoy each other’s company in a neutral, carefree atmosphere.

Cook Something Unexpected

Don’t like the idea of eating out for Thanksgiving? Or maybe there isn’t anywhere near where you live that’s open for Christmas, which makes a homemade meal unavoidable. Instead of making the same old thing everyone is used to, consider cooking something unexpected.

Take some holiday food inspiration from around the world and cook something different. A few ideas include:

  • France loves eating oysters during the holidays.
  • Norway is known for its Lutefisk during the Christmas season.
  • Do like the Czech Republic does and make fish soup for Christmas.
  • Honor Hanukkah with fried potato latkes that even the kids will love.

If the idea of cooking something so unfamiliar is intimidating, there are plenty of other unique traditions you can start with your family. Instead of serving turkey, consider pizza, lasagna, or other familiar food that your family won’t expect to see on the dining room table during the holiday season.

Stay Overnight in a Hotel

If you want to spend a lot of time together with family, but the thought of getting the house ready for guests gives you nightmares, consider an overnight stay in a hotel. It’s also a great idea for large families that don’t have enough room to host everyone in the house.

An overnight stay in a hotel is a lot of fun for the kids too, as long as you know helpful tips for staying with kids. For example, choosing a hotel with an indoor water park will ensure they have a great time, and getting a separate room for the kids to share will ensure all the adults get plenty of sleep.

Take a Family Vacation

Staying in a hotel near where you live is a lot of fun, but it’s even more fun to take a family vacation during Thanksgiving or Christmas!

There are some wonderful vacation destinations around the world that are perfect for the holidays, no matter how far away from home you’re willing to travel. You can avoid cooking, you don’t have to worry about cleaning the house, and you can make wonderful family memories that will last a lifetime. Plus, the kids will already have the time off of school, and the crowds are a lot smaller during the holidays!

You and your family should celebrate the holiday season however you want. That might mean inviting everyone over for a traditional turkey dinner, but it could also mean one of the unexpected ideas on this list.