10 Essential Items for Your Golf Holiday

If you are looking forward to a week of golf soon, maybe your annual golf trip or your first time on a golfing holiday, there are plenty of items that you will need to remember to pack.

A golfing holiday is different to your average holiday, particularly if you need to take your clubs on a flight for example. We have compiled a checklist to ensure that you do not ruin your holiday by forgetting any essentials, or end up spending extortionate amounts on replacing forgotten items.

Golf clubs

We doubt that you would forget this key item for any golfing trip (unless you are hiring clubs when you get there) but you might need to consider the best way to transport your golf clubs. Always check with your airline what their maximum weight is for your golf bag and you might also find it more convenient to take a golf travel cover to transport your club in.

Sun lotion

If you are heading off to warmer climates, make sure that you pack a high factor sun lotion to keep well protected.


Don’t forget your usual golf accessories such as balls, tees, markers, pencils, towel, glove, etc.


If you have a range finder, GPS device, watch etc. that you want to take with you, get this packed too and remember to include any chargers for tech items.

Water bottle

If you don’t want to buy bottles of water, then remember to take your own water bottle so that you can fill it up at water points around the course. You should never go out on a golf course on a hot day without water to cool you down and keep you well hydrated.

Golf outfits

Always check the dress code of the course(s) that you are going to be playing on before you pack. What is acceptable at one golf course might not be at another, so it is always important to check before you decide what golf clothes to pack. You should also be prepared for different types of weather, even if the weather forecast looks like it will stay dry.

Golf cap

Most golfers will choose to take a cap to protect them from the sun and to keep the sun lotion and sweat from getting into their eyes. When you are playing a course in warmer weather than usual, you might find a golf cap turns out to be one of your most essential items.

Spikeless golf shoes

If you are going somewhere warm for your golfing trip then you might find that your usual spikes are not so comfortable when on the hard, sun-drenched courses abroad. Fortunately, there is a large range of great spikeless golf shoes to choose from, whether you prefer Puma golf shoes, Adidas, or practically any other footwear brand.

Evening clothes

You might need to do a bit of research regarding the dress code where you will be spending the evenings of your holiday. Always check the clubhouse dress code to ensure that you can enjoy your trip knowing that you are dressed appropriately.


Your sunglasses will probably also come in very handy when you are playing in the sun to help you to keep the focus on the ball. There are plenty of styles that currently look great both off and on the golf course, so are perfect to take on your golfing trip rather than packing two pairs.

If you remember to pack all of these, as well as the usual essentials like passport, tickets, money etc. then you should be all set for a great week of golf – Enjoy!