4 Reasons to Spend Your Christmas Abroad

Christmas has many different meanings to people all across the world. From visiting relatives and big turkey dinners to snowy walks in the park and a glass of something sparkling by the fireside.

However, some families are beginning to discover the wonder and excitement of spending the festive season away from home and embracing sunnier climes overseas.

Some people are almost offended at the idea of spending Christmas away from home and years of traditions, but hear me out! Why not consider swapping that cup of mulled wine for a cocktail, and letting the kids play on the sand rather than with overpriced toys…

Here we’ll explore some amazing reasons to spend Christmas abroad this year and enjoy a festive season like no other!

A note of caution before we get stuck in: If you’re planning a trip overseas and you’re faced with a sudden cancellation due to covid-19 travel restrictions, then you need to know where you stand as a consumer.

Use this infographic by Creditfix to help your families get their money back or have their break rearranged quickly.

If you’re facing an uncertain break, learn more about Coronavirus holiday cancellations, and want to know your rights, the infographic above is a good resource. Always stay safe and know your rights.

1. The weather

Did someone say “white sand”?

Say goodbye to those plummeting temperatures, high winds, icy rain, and bitter snowstorms! When you travel overseas for Christmas (of course depending on where you go), you’ll get the benefit of endless sunshine, blue skies, and the sun warming your back.

It’s rare for us to experience a white Christmas these days, and whilst it’s traditional for many families to open their gifts in their Christmas pajamas, exchanging presents in your beach attire or swimwear might make a nice change!

2. Save yourself some money

If you’re wanting to make some savings this year, then a holiday over the festive period might give you a helping hand, believe it or not.

Not only could you benefit from cheaper flights and holiday packages during this quieter time of year, but if you choose to holiday now rather than in the summer, you can bundle together your family holiday and your Christmas expenses, rather than blowing a huge amount at Christmas and again in the summer. 

3. It’ll be less stressful

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s also incredibly stressful. With so much to plan and arrange in anticipation of the big day, many adults find that when Christmas Day arrives, they simply cannot enjoy it.

When you choose to go overseas for Christmas, you can plan and book everything months in advance, and the only thing you’ll have to worry about is what cocktail you want to try before you sit down to your Christmas meal.

4. And finally, more family time

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s the importance of family. So, heading abroad this Christmas will give you exclusive and uninterrupted time with those you love the most.

No rushing out to get last-minute presents or slaving over a hot stove, queuing at the supermarket for hours or worrying about the dietary requirements of obscure relatives. Just sun, sea, sand and the ones you love. Bliss.