6 Of The Best European Skiing Destinations

European Skiing

Europe has plenty more to offer its visitors than just amazing food, fantastic architecture and scenery. It has some of he hottest destination for winter spots in the world. Make the most out of your fantastic European getaways and make it a point to get to the mountains and experience the snowy wonderland that awaits you.   Kitzbühel, … [Read more...]

Discover 5+1 HIDDEN, Untapped Destinations in Europe that you Must Visit!

Untapped Destinations in Europe

Europe is such a wonderful continent to explore. However, many of the pretty destinations here have been discovered and swarmed by tourists. If you want to go an untapped European destination, the top six places you must visit are: 1. Hallstatt, Austria Photo: www.pinterest.com/pin/79235274667249519 A village in the Salzkammergut region, this enchanting and historic location lies on … [Read more...]

Scenic Tours in France

places in france

When planning a vacation, there are so many choices one has to make. Where to go? How long to stay? What to do? Then you have to decide what type of trip it will be. Will you take an adventure trip? A scenic tour? Country or city scape? Next, the transportation. Will you go by plane, train or automobile? Or do you prefer to take a cruise?   If you decide that this trip will take … [Read more...]