Paris: Day and Night

Paris lifestyle

Paris is fun and exciting anytime of the day and it's hard to decide where to go when you have limited time. During the day there are some must see's and at night, you can pick your poison. Choose which activities you want to occupy your day and night while in Paris.   Day:   Notre Dame Cathedral Photo: A gothic masterpiece is what this famous … [Read more...]

Unique Places: Paris to London

Paris to London

While traveling around Europe there is an endless amount of history, culture, and fascinating sites to discover. Every corner reveals a new and exciting part of Europe. Surely on your list of cities to visit are some of Europe's most popular destinations, London and Paris. These two iconic cities are luckily very easy to get to and from. The Eurostar Paris to London route takes around only two and … [Read more...]

5 Beautiful Cities Around the World


Beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder. It is easier to quantify beauty in people or things but terming a city as more beautiful compared to other is an exercise in itself. One’s experiences of the place and emotional attachments go a long way in colouring one’s judgement. Natural surroundings, pristine art and buildings, quality of life are few of the parameters. Following are 5 beautiful cities … [Read more...]