The Top 5 European Destinations

Are you ready to go on holiday and check off some bucket list locations? Europe is a perfect place to plan your next trip that will be sure to satisfy any traveler’s tastes. Whether you’re looking to travel alone, with friends, or with loved ones, or if you’re after a romantic getaway, a city adventure, or a relaxing beach trip, the right destination is waiting for you.

Europe will spoil you for choice when it comes to historical sights, different cultures and languages, world-class food and drink, nightlife, and relaxing beaches. It can seem like an impossible task to choose where to go first since there are so many countries that offer the perfect setting for the ultimate dream holiday. Here are some of the best European destinations you won’t want to miss. 


Barcelona and Madrid are well-known tourist hot spots, and for a good reason – the art, food, and culture is like nowhere else on the planet. However, for most of the months during the year, it can be incredibly crowded (and expensive!), so why not skip those two popular cities and explore the island of Mallorca. 

Mallorca is famous for its beach resorts, beautiful secret coves, lush mountains and historical remains. Nature lovers will definitely fall for the pristine beaches and crystal clear turquoise blue waters and will have no problem spending all day exploring the coastline and soaking in the unbelievably gorgeous views. The capital city of Palma also satisfies city adventurers as it’s overflowing with character and just waiting for people to come and explore.

Mallorca is dotted with luxury hotels and villas for the perfect Spain villa holidays. Stay in style and truly pamper yourself at the end of your day spent sightseeing and discovering all that the island has to offer. 


France is another popular European country to visit on holiday, but most will venture to Paris, Nice, or Marseille – all of which are beautiful, of course. If you’re an avid traveler, however, then you will have likely already been to these three places. France has so much more to offer, including the likes of Sainte-Maxime

Sainte-Maxime is known for its absolutely stunning landscapes, exquisite beaches, and aqua waters. There are plenty of beach activities to have fun with, including parasailing, and the local Provencal sport of petanque, which most of the friendly locals will be happy to help you learn how to play. Sainte-Maxime is a unique destination, offering a copious amount of amazing food, wine, adventure, and plenty of local hospitality. 


A popular destination for Brits and Europeans to visit during the winter to chase some sun and warmth, Portugal is more than just a beach destination. The city of Braga, just outside of Porto, is bursting at the seams with charm, atmosphere, and culture. 

Braga is a well-known spot that has attracted tourists for centuries. Known for its unique experiences for travelers, it’s the perfect destination for foodies, history buffs, lovers, and adventurers because there’s something that everyone can enjoy, as long as you know where to look. 

The Gothic architecture is certainly something to marvel at while you stroll through the city, and regardless if you believe in faith, the churches—particularly the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Samerio—is a must-see. Shopaholics can spend the entire day hopping along the shop fronts, and those looking for entertainment and nightlife will be more than pleased with the number of street concerts and events that take place year-round. 


Budapest is often ranked high on the list for the most beautiful European cities to visit. It’s a cultural hotspot, rich in historical heritage and full of stunning architecture. There are more world heritage sights than you can count, offering an incomparable experience.

Whether you’re looking for amazing food and fine dining experiences, shopping, entertainment, or a place to relax and unwind, Budapest has it all. It’s also listed as one of the safest cities in Europe, so solo travelers need not worry. 


Nature lovers won’t be able to resist heading up to the continent’s highest peak, Mont-Blanc and going for a quick ski down the mountain before taking a break in a mountainside cafe for some hot drinks and breathtaking views. Once back down to ground level, you can enjoy the gorgeous countryside, Western Europe’s largest lake, and many vineyard paths.

There’s truly an international vibe in Geneva, so be sure to explore as much as you can to take it all in.