Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling to a Destination Wedding

There are many reasons why destination weddings are appealing: they offer a bonding opportunity for both sides of the family and couples can exchange vows in a picturesque location. However, it can be stressful to manage your health during these trips — especially if you don’t have that much experience traveling. Here are the top 6 tips for staying healthy at a destination wedding.

Read the current events

The world can be quite unpredictable. Countries can suddenly lapse into political chaos or economic recession. Before traveling, do some research to see what’s currently happening in the country you’re heading to. If you have a medical condition that requires a prescription, make sure to bring some extra medicine just in case something happens and you won’t get access to medicine there.

In addition, you should check to see which parts of the city or town you’re going to is safe. Sometimes, travels are advised to stick to tourist areas. Though you shouldn’t be overly paranoid, stay cautious and avoid situations or places that seem potentially dangerous.

Research the weather

You should never assume that just because it’s winter or summer at home, the weather will be the same at the destination wedding. A few days before traveling, check weather websites and see whether it’s going to rain, snow, or if it will be exceptionally warm.

There could be specific things you should bring that depend on where you’re heading to. For example,  if you’re traveling to a tropical location, you might want to bring a rain jacket even if the weather forecasts say it will be hot and sunny for the entire duration of your visit.

Make sure to bring your dopp kit 

Chances are that your destination wedding will be by a beautiful, sunny beach. While a beach wedding will definitely make for some wonderful photographs and opportunities to relax and unwind, you could get a sunburn if you don’t protect yourself.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, skin cancer rates have doubled during the last 30 years. Sunscreen (that has SPF of 15 and higher) can help prevent skin cancer. Make sure to pack sunscreen with you. Just in case you or another guest gets a sunburn, bring some aloe-vera for the burn. When traveling to a dry climate, you should take moisturizer and chapstick with you. In your dopp kit, pack whichever skincare products you might need and since changes in climate can cause acne breakouts, bring acne treatments as well.

Bring your supplements

You can never really know how your body will react to different foods in a new country. Some people experience “travelers’ constipation,” while others experience “travelers’ diarrhea.” For the destination wedding, you should come prepared with whichever supplements help with your digestion and ensure that you get your proper nutritional intake.

Add an extra day to your trip

Traveling back and forth can get exhausting. You deserve to take some time off and unwind before jumping right back into the real world. In addition to alleviating some stress, booking an extra day can prepare you for unexpected events — sickness, travel delays, turbulent weather — and give you a chance to purchase souvenirs for friends and family back home.

Stay hydrated 

An outdoor wedding can come with specific risks. When the sun is bright and the weather is hot, you should drink more water to stay hydrated. If you’re going to a country where it’s generally safe to drink the tap water, consider bringing a water bottle. And if you’re going to a country where the tap water is unsafe, make sure to purchase extra water bottles for yourself during the day of the ceremony. 

These tips can help you look and feel great at the next destination wedding you attend.