Top 10 Travel Destinations in Southern Tuscany


Tuscany provides its visitors with a bewildering choice of excursions that are worth exploring, or rather experiencing.  However, if you are short on time and want to explore the top spots of southern Tuscany, you’ve come to the right page. Here are 10 places you must visit during your trip to southern Tuscany:   1) Val di Chiana – Home to the picturesque city of Arezzo and some … [Read more...]

Sicily – Like in the Movie

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If you are in Sicily, Italy, I suggest that you rent a car and drive up to the mountains where time stands still. The traditional villages are located on the mountains since it protected them from enemies and pirates. Here you will get into the typical Corleone feeling for there is actually a mob named Cosa Nostra with over five thousand members and the population goes after the saying; do what … [Read more...]

Tuscany Villa Rentals: Things to consider before making the bookings


Tuscany offers various different things in its treasure for the visitors, from its natural scenic beauty to its amazing locations, it offers diversity. One can enjoy the true Italian culture, history, great food and drinks during the visit to this reign of Italy. Tuscany has got popularity among the tourists not just with its beauty but also with its great accommodation options and wonderful … [Read more...]