4 Must-Do Activities In Syracuse, Sicily

Syracuse is one of the best destinations that you should have on your bucket list. Syracuse, known as Siracusa in Italy, is one of the oldest towns on the beautiful coasts of the Mediterranean. Visiting this Sicilian city is one of the best ways to make more memories as you will get to enjoy every minute of being there.

That said, let us now look at some of the must-do activities while in Syracuse. The city with a population of about 122000 has many beautiful sceneries and a lot more to offer. There is everything for everyone in this beautiful place; the list is endless from the beaches, food, art, and architecture. You can also get to spend your nights in beautiful villas such as selectsicilyvillas.com, where you can enjoy the fantastic service and the food for sure.

1. Check out the Art and Architecture

The art and architecture in Syracuse are a must-see during your visit. The Archaeological Park is one of the famous places in this city where most history lovers will enjoy going.

It holds the Greek Theatre; carved into a rock, it was built in the 3rd century where people would go and watch performances. Nowadays, it is used for classical events and concerts too. The views from the park are breathtaking, and watching the sunset with your travel partner will definitely be a special moment.

Ortygia Island, connected to the city with three bridges, is a small island in Syracuse with stunning monuments and breathtaking views, not to mention the rich culture that it holds and the many historical landmarks. 

2. Try out the food

You will unquestionably enjoy the great food that the people in this city prepare. The delicious, finger-licking meals will leave you wanting more and more. You will love to try out the food in the Local Market as well as buy some of the aromatic spices being sold there. You can eat anything; seafood, cakes, fresh fish, arancini, etc. – the choice is all yours. 

3. Go to the beaches

You cannot afford to leave Syracuse without visiting the pristine beaches. Some of the most loved beaches include Fontane Bianche, Scarla Dei Turchi, Punta Delle Formiche and Isola Delle Correnti. You can do many activities while at the beaches, including playing beach sports, swimming, diving, sunbathing, and the list is endless. If you not into activities you can still enjoy the beautiful sunset while drinking your cold drink. 

4. Visit the Temples

The temples in Syracuse are fascinating. From the architecture to the rich history behind them, you should visit some of them, including the temple of Apollo and the temple of Athena. You will enjoy the site in Ortygia Island, and if sunset finds you there, the better. 

If you have some time, you can also visit Noto, a nearby town loved by many tourists. It is popularly known for its baroque architecture.