5 Bucket-list Holiday Ideas For When Coronavirus is Finally Over

Since it first emerged in late 2019, Coronavirus has caused havoc the world over, bringing death and illness and plunging nations into isolation and lockdowns. However, perhaps no other aspect of normal society has been altered more by the virus than the travel and tourism industry.

The perfect moment for that once-in-a-lifetime trip

Despite COVID-19, there are now finally glimmers of hope slowly appearing on the horizon with the promise of vaccination roll-outs, and holiday companies are now confidently predicting we should be traveling again soon.

After such a long time without vacations, now might be the perfect moment to splurge on that once-in-a-lifetime trip or take out a loan to help make that bucket list holiday. Personal loans, like those offered by OneMain Financial, provide a fixed monthly payment and set payoff schedule meaning you could borrow the money to get that travel fix and worry about it later. Below are just a few ideas to inspire you.

Spend the night at Everest base camp in Nepal

Located at a lofty 5340m, Everest base camp is likely the highest you will have ever been on foot and requires a mammoth 14-day trek there and back. Bear in mind, you will need to be in tip-top shape for this hike, but the views of the world’s tallest mountain are second to none from this iconic campsite. Also, be sure to check your trip provider allows overnight stays in the camp – many do not and instead offer accommodation at nearby Gorak Shep. 

Book a private tour of the Sistine Chapel

The Sistine Chapel at the Vatican is home to the masterpiece artworks of Michelangelo. However, it suffers one major problem – the room is little more than 40m x 13m yet attracts in the region of 25,000 visitors each day. Thankfully, some tour companies offer private viewings of the Chapel and many additional, otherwise off-limits, areas of the Vatican. If you stand any chance of fully appreciating this glorious artwork, a private tour is your only option. 

Take a journey into the heart of a volcano

Iceland is one of the youngest landmasses on earth – a strange country that is still in constant change today with its highly active volcanoes. Since 2012, it has been possible to descend into one of these volcanoes – the mighty (but currently dormant) Thrihnukagigur.

Trips into the chamber drop 120m on something resembling a window-cleaning lift to allow you to inspect the spectacular interior. 

Spend a night on a deserted island

Scotland is home to around 800 islands dotted around its coastline, many completely uninhabited and accessible only by kayak. Highly recommended is the small island of Tanera Beag, a short canoe ride from the town of Achiltibuie. 

Witness the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights – also known as the Aurora Borealis – are visible from many nations in the extreme northern hemisphere, though the best vantage points are arguably in Canada, Norway, Finland, and Sweden. Aurora night-time tours are common in each country, giving you the chance to witness this ethereal light show firsthand. Truly spectacular and a sight you will never forget.