Thanda Island: Amazing Luxury Island dining experience

Thanda Island is the result of a dream to create the world’s most exclusive island getaway to enjoy every bit of nature with luxurious services. The small, remote, inhabited, tropical island off the coast of East Africa can be your greatest family and friends’ holiday escape. 

Fortunately, Thanda Private Island is equally popular for offering the best cuisines which are unmissable. Visualize unending clear seas, white sands, luxury stays, adventure, and wellness activities with some premium and out-of-the-world food. So, get ready to have a luxury dining experience at Thanda Island with:

  • Sea Fresh fish and shellfish
  • Range of vegetarian and vegan meals
  • Dishes from steak and chicken
  • Spicy Tanzanian cuisine
  • A whole lot of tropical fruits
  • And an extensive range of delicious desserts

Thanda Island takes special care of the quality of the food as everything is freshly picked and very healthy. So, don’t compromise with the taste and try exquisite island dining there.

What to expect for your island dining experience

Thanda Island is a place for the soul as you can relax, rejuvenate with nature, and explore the adventures of the seas. It’s your own private heaven on an isolated island off the coast of Tanzania. Along with a luxury dining experience, enjoy the luxurious villa and two traditional Bandas (beach chalets) in the Indian Ocean. 

In addition, watch incredible marine life and experience every water adventure.  After exploring the island, you can treat your hunger pangs with delicacies of the tropical destinations and mouth-watering Tanzanian traditional food.

Thanda Island offers:

1. Tanzanian Delights

The mix of cultures is truly adopted in the food of the Thanda Islands as it offers amazing Tanzanian dishes. One such exotic cuisine is Swahili which has rich aromas and flavors of Tanzania. It’s on the spicy side and makes the perfect tropical cuisine as it has party vibes in it. 

2. Healthy and Fresh Food

At Thanda Private island, they believe in serving their guests the best food. Therefore, the island dining offers fresh and healthy ingredients like papayas, coconuts, watermelons, and pineapples. 

3. Exotic Seafood Varieties

If you’re an admirer of seafood, their chefs will leave you in surprise. The professional chefs know how to cook the seafood correctly and blend it with various flavors to create amazing meals. 

Enjoy an island experience with exotic Tanzanian cuisine

With all its beauty and adventures, Thanda Private Island is home to exceptional cooking and cuisines. One among them is Tanzanian cuisine which is a must-have for every guest. But, along with some great and versatile food, the best part is:

  • You can enjoy breakfast on the beach with various delicious foods, including healthy options. The best part is morning bliss, fresh sun, and calm ocean waves. So, What’s better than this to start the day.
  • You can enjoy dinner on a romantic evening on the beach with perfectly lit bonfires. The spicy Tanzania traditional food with this dreamy setup is big.
  • The Thanda Private Island is on nature’s lap, and you can enjoy an open dinner under the light of a million stars. There’s no night pollution here, and you can enjoy luxurious food in the open sky.