15 Paradise Countries Where Living in Luxury is Cheaper Than Home

You did not suspect about those 15 fairytale places, in which living is cheaper than we could imagine. Of course, all of them have deficiencies but perennial sun and blue water outshine them.


Besides the fact that in Indonesia you can eat, pray, and love, here is also possible to live simply and affordably. And enough to live at a low budget. The prices here are very reasonable: you can eat for less than $1, and live for $150 per month, but to work is possible only thru the internet because the unemployment level here is high.


Cambodia – is one of the main routes to travel with short budget. And it is possible to live here on relatively small funds also. For $5 local fishermen right in the front of you will cook the most delicious dinner from crab caught by them.  And any other seafood cost here $1-2. What is the catch? It is not clean beach island where you going to lie down under umbrella for a days. Wild local beach sometimes “enriched” with troops of homeless dogs or other forest inhabitants. Just right for those, who wants to live farther away from civilization.


South-East coast of Vietnam glorified by the fact, that here is growing 11 thousand hectares of tropical forest. And this is, perhaps, one of the best places in Asia for diving and spear fishing: here passes enormous barrier reef. And even on the weekends it is free from tourists at those places. Because of that the place to live can be found here for $150-200 per month. The truth is you would have to live here side by side with locals. Be prepared that they will share the beach spots along with you.


Laos – is a country located South-East of Asia, famous for its beautiful mountains, Buddhist monasteries and for rafting on rubber boats with stops at cafes and bars. The prices in Laos are very reasonable: the living is for $9-20 per day, the food is $1-5 for lunch and $10 for bike rental to get around.


Despite the fact that this place is very popular among tourists a little more expensive than other Asian countries, the prices in Thailand still not that high in comparison with many other European countries. Rent of entire house here will cost $160-320 per month, once a day meal $1-3; motor bike rental is $63-80 per month. It should be noted that in country side of Thailand, right among lush jungles, you can settle for $4 per day.


This is densely populated country with Taj Mahal, famous caves, forts and temples, and with holy cow as well. Besides that, this is also a very successful place for living from economical point of view. Only $100-110 is enough here to rent apartment for two per month. The plate of hot rice with chicken could cost here only 40 rupees – this is approximately 60 cents, for the full lunch you would have to pay $1-2.


Mystical Nepal is glorified as a center of spirituality in Asia and those, who are in search, are coming here from around the world to meditate and absorb the unique atmosphere of this place. Those who are not thirsty for enlightenment are also coming – to admire the most beautiful mountains, incredible temples, and ancient pagodas. Nepal is heaven for travelers with a limited budget.

Food expenses could be limited here to $1 per day. Of course, the visit to a restaurant will cot more but the priciest dishes cost here $8 the most, and rental of one bedroom apartment (Katmandu) is $1-2 per day. Community transportation costs here up to $0,2.


China is a country of contrasts, with scenic country landscapes and overcrowded megalopolises, with natural beauty stretching on wild and untamed flatlands of the Gobi desert and the north point of Everest. Despite of the fact, that China is huge country, it is very simple to get from one place to another. The trips thru the country are not going to exhaust you so much as in the other countries. The taxi as well in majority of cities costs especially cheap – $1 for a short trip. And to dine substantially is possible for only $2.


The most inexpensive countries for living has nothing to do with this country – housing here is pricey but in comparison to, for example, Switzerland leisure in Bulgaria is very economically reasonable. Here is the same beautiful as in France but the bottle of beer costs only $0,80 and apartment rental can only be $200 per month. 


Nicaragua is the real budget heaven for those who like to save. In this country everything costs cheap, starting from food and ending with rent. At the same time minimal cost of living does not necessarily means that you would have to sacrifice quality of life to which you are used to at home. $995 will be enough to rent big apartment, pay the bills and food for two, allow yourself small entertainments (movies, for example) and even afford house cleaning lady three times per week.


This is a colorful country with rich cultural heritage that considered being cheapest for living. Cost of housing here does not look so low – $100,000 for a house with ten rooms. But house rental is a lot cheaper – $200 for one bedroom apartment per month. Food provisions are also cheap enough – $24-40 will be more than enough for a week. In addition Guatemala is rich with tropical fruits and wonderful coffee.


Honduras today is one of the very fast-growing tourist sectors of the world. Because here is cheap, healthy, beautiful, jolly, delicious, and romantic. Since everything is so cheap here you can fly with only one backpack. Good and really tasteful and exquisite local food costs $3 per portion. Have to go!


Of course, it is not a small country and prices can differ from region to region. For example, Lima at this time is fast growing and developing city, so the prices there is not typical. But it is possible to live in small jungle cities for absolutely small monies.


Right in the middle of Mexico sits culturally developed city Guanajuato. You can rent an excellent apartment here for $150-200 per month; glass of beer in the bar costs less than $1 and movie ticket as little as $3. Ray Bradbury wrote story “Next in the line” about his experience of living here. Here is also taking a place famous art festival called Cervantino. It was named after the author of novel about Quixote.


South end of Albania is an ideal place for quite life. Nearby is a small city and national park Butrint. The climate is Mediterranean, and local groceries – are olive oil and tangerines. Unlike neighboring Greece, Italy or even Croatia here is very cheap: beer costs 90 cents for a bottle, and housing – is $100-120 per month.

Eat more seafood (here is sold 30 kinds of fish are, and the average price for a plate at the café is $6), drink cheap wine ($6 for a bottle), ride on catamarans, and hope for the number of tourists is not going to increase in five years.

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