10 Places to Visit Before They Disappear

The worlds mass media so often report to us about changes in climate and landscape of Earth associated with life activities of humanity that we stopped to pay attention to it. Global warming of course was discussed many times through the decades but we do not always grasp the danger. The rising of the sea level … Read more

Top 10 Romantic Islands That You Should Visit

aerial photography of resort rooms and island

Mother Earth has thousands of islands with amazing beaches and breathtaking nature. Here you will find our top 10 best islands on earth that you should visit at least once in your lifetime. 1. Maldives Maldives islands are simply heaven on earth with white sand beaches, atolls, and vivacious waters, that beckons many honeymooners. It … Read more

13 Historical and Mysterious Monuments

 People that lived thousands years before us, sometimes created structures that simply striking imagination. So massive that scientists during hundreds of years breaking their heads to find out by whom and for what, but most important – how they were erected. And they proposed the most different theories, down to unearthly and mystical. Stonehenge, England … Read more